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21 years as an Industrial Engineer, currently unemployed. Church teasurer, married to a minister in a different church.
I am NOT antisocial, but I do resist the concept of "friending". I have enough trouble tiptoeing around some very dear physical-world friends without worrying about stepping on a Newsvine friend's toes. Please note that I really do try to correct typos, but I am not always successful. I yearn for an earlier time when Democrats and Republicans would fight on principles, agrree on needs, act on those needs, and sit down to dinner togather. And believe me I know most of the swear words in at least three languages, And I use them with an unfortunate regularity in my personal speech; however, I feel that the Vine ought to be a place for reason in most cases and I hope my posts reflect this. I will not call people names or use profane language beyond an occasional WTF in cases of total collapse of logic or respect. But, I will call out people for reasonless, vulgar or profane posts. The standard ought be if you wouldn't say it in prayer to your Almighty, don't say it here, the Almighty probably reads these posts.